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School Administrators

  • AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS Keep kids safe, inspire learning and help working families.


  • AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS play a critical role in keeping kids healthy and active.


  • AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS improve kids’ performance in school and increase kids’ earning potential.


  • 83% of parents with a child in an AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM say programs can help reduce the likelihood that kids will commit a crime, use drugs, or become a teen parent.


  • For every child in an AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM, two are waiting to get in.


  • Of all New Jersey children not currently enrolled in AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS, 36% would participate if an afterschool program were available in their community.


  • CLUB ED AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS have been serving Bergen and North Hudson School Districts for more than a decade and are licensed by the State of New Jersey.


  • CLUB ED provides Pre-K -6th grade students with a safe, engaging and fun afterschool experience in a professionally supervised environment.


  • The number of CLUB ED participants grows steadily each year with close to 700 students currently participating.


  • CLUB ED PROGRAMS  are customized to fit the needs of each school district.

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100% of parents say, because of CLUB ED, their children look forward to school more than before

All Club Ed programs are licensed by the State of New Jersey and strictly adhere to state guidelines, which include a 1:15 adult to child ratio.

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