Dear Parents,

We hold a license with the State of New Jersey to run our programs and have already received the state guidelines in order to operate. We are required to follow the DCF and Office of Licensing Guidelines.

Students will are in groups of 15 or smaller.  Each group is in a designated area and is given space to social distance 6 feet apart.  As of March 7th, wearing masks will be optional for all Club Ed Students and Staff. Any student and staff member that choose not to wear a mask must maintain social distancing from others. Staff are required to wipe down surfaces before and after student use (chairs, tables, etc.). Each child in Club Ed receives their own general supplies (crayons, markers, pencil, eraser) to prevent sharing. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Will there be changes to how the kids are physically situated during aftercare?

Yes, we will operate at a 1 to 15 ratio.  Each group will be at a designated area where they can social distance 6 feet apart.

Are all the kids still going into the gym?

We will do our best to get each group time for recreation in the gym.  However, the gym may not always be available to us.

Are they staying in the classrooms?

There will be some groups in classrooms and we will try to keep them in their designated classrooms to limit contact exposure. 

Are they having separate times scheduled for outdoors?

Yes, it’s required under the guidelines set forth by the Office For Licensing to all groups to be a minimum 6 feet apart.  We will make every effort to keep groups away from each other.

Are the teachers staying with separate groups?

Teachers will be assigned a group for homework assistance. They will not be moving from group to group.

Are you mixing all kids from the same grade?

Students will be assigned to their groups by grade.  This makes it easier for homework assistance and age-appropriate activities. 

Are you observing CDC guidelines?

We have taken CDC guidelines into consideration, however, we hold a license with the State of New Jersey to run our programs, and so we are required to follow guidelines set forth by the Department of Children and Families Office of Licensing.

Are the staff and students required to wear masks?

Club Ed will be adopting the School District decision on the mask mandate. As of March 7th, wearing masks will be optional for all Club Ed students and staff. This can change at any time based on state or school district directives.


If my child has virtual work/remote work will he/she be allowed to work on a laptop or computer?  Will Club Ed have laptops/computers available for each student? 

Yes, students will be allow to work remotely on their own laptops.  Club Ed will not provide laptops or access to computers.  We encourage parents to send headphones as well along with their child's laptop. We do have access to wifi in each of the schools and our staff can help students connect to the wifi.

What if a student exhibits symptoms of illness while in Club Ed?

All students will have their temperature taken upon arrival to program.  If a child has a fever of 100.4 or higher or exhibits other symptoms of illness, the child will be placed in a designated "waiting area" away from others.  The child's parent/guardian/emergency contact will be called and will be required to pick up the child immediately.  We will then report it to the school and the local health department. 

Can I enter the building to help my child pack up when I pick up? 

At this time, parents will not be permitted to enter the building. The Club Ed staff will make sure that your child has all their belongings and will escort them to the designated pickup area.

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All Club Ed programs are licensed by the State of New Jersey and strictly adhere to state guidelines, which include 5 years and older a 1:15 adult to child ratio; 2 1/2 years up to 4 years 1:10 adult to child ratioand 4 years 1:12 adult to child ratio .